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Organic Beauty Products

Planeta Organica - Who we are

Organic Beauty Products

At Planeta Organica, our list of ingredients is long, and you can trace it across the globe. We believe in constantly exploring. We know there’s so much out there still to discover, and “out there” is where you find the richest ingredients. Our mission is to find the best organic produce on the planet, and to bring the best of the organic planet to your doorstep with our range of natural beauty products. 

Our traditional beauty recipes use more than 500 unique plants and 42 organic oils from 68 countries around the world.


We travel far and wide for the richest ingredients 

At Planeta Organica, our company doesn't just bring you exceptional natural beauty. We’re a company of explorers, too. A love of this wonder-filled planet is what first enticed us across the globe, and this spirit of expedition remains vital to our production process. 

Our team conducts regular expeditions to the farthest reaches of the planet, searching for the places that organic, unspoiled beauty thrives. We meet with the indigenous caretakers of these regions and talk to them about their traditional therapeutic recipes. 

When we discover something truly special, we carefully establish our own method of extraction unique to each region. By gently extracting the ingredients ourselves, we can ensure that every one is retrieved at the highest potency in accordance to our strict environmental standards. Establishing our own means of harvesting also ensures there’s no compromise to the native landscape, and that the land remains free from any mineral fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and GMOs. 


We believe in protecting the planet 

At Planeta Organica, we know that to trace our integrity at every step, we need to be at the source, managing our process firsthand. That’s why we travel to every one of our locations; why we work with Indigenous communities; and why we choose to collaborate with local suppliers who minimise waste and follow sustainable production practices.

We know that you’ve chosen to buy organic because you care about what goes into your body. All Planeta Organica recipes are free from SLES, SLS, parabens, GMOs and silicones. And we’ve been certified by ECOCERT, Cosmos Organic and Vegan.


Our expeditions span the globe

Our organic baobab comes from the arid climate of Ghana. Our coconut oil comes from 30-metre-high coconut trees in the Seychelles. Our acai juice is from Peru, and our yamamomo juice is from Japan.

Dive into the world of Planeta Organica and trace your footsteps across the globe.