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Planeta Organica - Expeditions

Searching the globe for beauty recipes

To create Planeta Organica cosmetics our team organises expeditions to the most unique and remote places on our planet. We travel to the world of wild nature and exotic plants.

We find the best ingredients for our cosmetics and install extractors where the wild plants are picked up. Giving us extracts at their higher concentration of active ingredients.

Planeta Organica source traditional beauty recipes that use more than 500 unique plants and 42 organic oils from 68 countries around the world.

Safe and natural, Planeta Organica preserves and emphasizes your natural beauty.


Expedition: Seychelles

Purpose: Tropical Hydration


The most exotic and tropical expedition of the Planeta Organica team was a trip to the Seychelles, surrounded by the emerald expanse of the Indian Ocean.

This place is able to amaze even the most sophisticated traveller with its unique natural beauty. But the subject of our attention was the coconut palm growing here in whole groves and the traditional process of obtaining natural coconut oil.

When creating the Organic Coconut collection the team used organic cold-pressed coconut oil from the Seychelles. Obtained from coconuts grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, the production process itself takes place without the participation of any chemicals. This method allows you to save all the best valuable and beneficial properties of coconut oil.


Expedition: Tamale Tribe, Ghana, Africa

Purpose: Precious Nutrition

Collection: ORGANIC SHEA

In the 15th-19th centuries, Ghana was called the "Gold Coast", because the portuguese at the time exported tons of gold from the country. At that time, up to 10% of the world's gold reserves were mined on the territory of Ghana.

Now the “gold of Ghana” is called SHEA BUTTER, it is considered sacred here. It was for him that we went on another expedition.

The mention of the tree and shea butter dates back to the reign of Cleopatra. The queen equipped entire caravans, which delivered her a valuable product in earthenware jugs. It's easy to believe, because local beauties practically don't know what wrinkles are...