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Natura Siberica - Our Story

Organic Beauty Products

If you travel into the expanse of far Eastern Europe, you’ll find a place that gets so cold, time has frozen. There lies a wilderness that’s remained unchanged for centuries, where only the strongest plants and animals survive. For generations, Indigenous communities have prospered in this landscape, passing the secrets of their survival forward.  

This land is where our story begins. Welcome to the home of Natura Siberica. 

Natura Siberica is proud to bring you the world’s first certified organic brand of body, hair and skincare to harness the enduring beauty of Europe’s far-eastern wilderness. Every plant and herb to go into our formulas is wild-harvested from the same plains on which they’ve grown, and adapted to survive, for centuries; collected by Indigenous farmers who know the lands, and whose secret formulas we’ve adapted into the vast majority of our products.

At Natura Siberica, we understand that the modern Australian lifestyle is a world away from Europe’s frozen wilderness, and yet; we live in a landscape of toxins and pollutants; stresses and fatigue; and harmful UV rays. Everyday, our skin bears the brunt of these stresses. Our bodies have become the battleground of a rapidly changing, fast-paced world.

We believe that to truly protect and nourish our bodies, we need a new toolkit: a toolkit that borrows from the learnings of the past, from the inhabitants of the harshest climate on the planet, who have defied the ages and continue to thrive. 

Our team of researchers travelled into these unspoiled, frozen regions searching for answers. They discovered the harsh wilderness was home to exclusive adaptogenic plants and herbs, named after their ability to acclimatise to the harshest conditions, and persevere. They realised this was the toolkit they’d been searching for. They brought their knowledge home, and set to work on developing their herb and flower-based brand of organic skincare. 


Uncultivated, Wild-Harvested Beauty 

At Natura Siberia, ‘organic’ is not just a stamp we put in the corner of our boxes. It’s infused down to the roots of everything that we do. 

Our herbs and plants are grown in an uncultivated nature, meaning they're grown without any superficial or human interference. By allowing uncultivated growth, a process of natural selection occurs allowing only the most potent, resilient flowers to grow to bloom. 

Our organic farms abide by a harvest calendar, working cyclically with the land to garner the best, most vital herbs and flowers. Leaves are gathered yearly; roots are gathered every two to three years; and in five to six years our plants are gathered and re-sewn; allowing the earth to replenish lost reserves. 

Our Natura Siberica farms grow over 14 species of certified organic herbs and flowers, including Rhodiola Rosea, Snow Cladonia, Siberian Geranium, Asian Yarrow, and more. 


What Sets Natura Siberica Apart

The secret to our powerful anti-ageing products is our use of adaptogenic flowers and herb species.

Unlike regular floral DNA, adaptogens have evolved to synthesise protective active agents and incredibly high levels of antioxidants; drawing them in from the earth and modifying them to their own DNA. It’s this unique ability to adapt that sets them above and beyond regular plants; and it’s their unique potency that makes them such a powerful anti-ageing treatment when used therapeutically. 

Natura Siberica is also the only company in the world using the incredibly nourishing Siberian Palm Oil as the base for all of our creams, shampoos and conditioners. 

A powerful natural antioxidant, Siberian Palm Oil (Pinus Siberica Seed Oil) is 5x richer in vitamin E than olive oil and 3x richer in vitamin F than cod liver oil. This abundance of vitamins ensures our formulas are bursting with anti-ageing benefits and provides support to all bodily systems. High levels of linoleic and rare fatty acids ensure plumpness, radiance and vitality are injected with every application. 


We’re Only Just Getting Started… 

Natura Siberica is a multi-award-winning beauty brand. Our list of achievements include the Cosmo Beauty Awards, the London Beauty Awards, Europe’s Natural & Organic Awards, Perly Rynku Kosmetycznego, InStyle Best Beauty Buys and more. Natura Siberica is sold in over 65 counties including Estonia, Montenegro and Spain, and we’re excited to have finally arrived in Australia.

We welcome you to our Natura Siberica family. You’re part of a global movement to reject chemical additives, mass production and a harmful footprint felt for generations to come. Every purchase from our collections supports Indigenous communities, keeping their traditional way of life alive.