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Natura Siberica - Eco Certifications

Natura Siberica | Eco-Certifications
Natura Siberica | Eco-Certifications

At Natura Siberica, we travel deep into the remote wilderness to source the world’s most robust, untouched herbs and flowers for our beauty products. So that you can feel confident we use only the purest natural ingredients, free from animal cruelty, we make sure our products are certified by internationally recognised agencies.

Read on to find out more about BDIH, Ecocert, Cosmos and ICEA, and what each of these agencies represent.


BDIH is the globally recognised acronym for Bundesverband Deutscher Industrie-und Handelsunternehmen, one of the globe’s oldest and most rigorous certifiers of natural cosmetic products. Originating in Germany in 1986, the BDIH now represents over 440 unique producers and distributors of food supplements, cosmetics, nutritional foods and over-the-counter medication.

Natura Siberica | Eco-Certifications BDIH


Founded in France, Ecocert is one of the most prestigious certifiers of organic and natural cosmetics in the world, with a strong focus on sustainability and planet-friendly practice. Since their establishment in 1991, Ecocert has expanded to over 80 countries worldwide. They conduct twice-yearly inspections of production lines; utilising innovative documentation to allow tracking of the entire production process, from the raw material stage all the way through to delivery.

Natura Siberica | Eco-Certifications ECOCERT


One of the world’s newest natural cosmetic certifiers, COSMOS takes learnings from each of its five founding members, including Ecocert and BDIH, and merges them into a unified new standard.

As our therapeutic experience evolves, so does the challenge of preserving the natural integrity of products. COSMOS certifies the brands that meet this dynamic requirement, and their stamp is a symbol of a market-leading product, by a brand striving to pave the way rather than follow the lead.

Natura Siberica | Eco-Certifications COSMOS


ICEA, also known as the Institute of Ethic Certification, is the name given to a group of natural and organic cosmetic manufacturers in Italy, who have worked together to develop the country’s leading guidelines. The group, which includes the Italian Association of Organic Agriculture, is Italy’s largest certifier of organic cosmetics, biocosmetics and ecocosmetics.

Natura Siberica | Eco-Certifications ICEA


Established in 1944, Vegan Society is one of the globe’s most reputable and well-recognised vegan certifying agencies. Founded by Elsie Shrigley and Donald Watson, with the purpose of eradicating all forms of violence towards animals, the organisation has grown to be accepted as the global standard for vegan best practice.

Natura Siberica | Eco-Certifications VEGAN