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Winter Beauty Survival Kit

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Just as we change our wardrobe in winter, we must also switch up our skincare routines. Cold days and harsh wind can wreck havoc on our skin leaving it dry, flakey and irritated. Prepare for the cold and arm yourself with the products you need to battle through the winter months with these Natura Siberica essentials to have in your winter beauty survival kit.


If you find that after cleansing your skin feels tight, dry and uncomfortable you may be using the wrong type of cleanser. One of the best and easiest ways to add moisture back into your skin in winter is to switch to a milk, oil or cream based cleanser instead of a foaming or gel alternative which tend to be quite stripping. These types of cleansers not only gently dissolve impurities and draw out excess oil and dirt, they give the skin a boost of hydration leaving it feeling refreshed, plump and smooth, but most importantly hydrated.

Our picks: Natura Siberica Moisturising Cleansing Milk, Fresh Spa Imperial Caviar Lait de Caviar Cleansing Face Milk, Natura Siberica Cleansing Fluid


Face Moisturiser and Serums

Keep skin feeling hydrated throughout the day with a facial moisturiser that specifically focuses on nourishing and protecting the skin from the elements. However, if deeply moisturising creams are too heavy for your skin during the day, try only using them in the evening along with a hydrating face serum. After cleansing, apply your face cream first allowing it to sink in to the skin and follow up with a serum by gently pressing it onto your face in sections. Facial serums and oils penetrate the skin and seal in moisture.

Our Picks: NS Copenhagen Blanc de Blanc Intense Hydration Day Face Cream, Natura Siberica Night Cream with Rhodolia Rosea, Natura Siberica Face Serum with Rhodolia Rosea

Face Masks

Face masks are a great way to quickly and effectively address specific skin concerns. In winter the best face masks to look for are ones that are deeply nourishing, give the skin an added dose of moisture and are also soothing for irritated and sensitive skin. They are also a nice way to wind down at the end of the week and give yourself some ‘me time.'

Our Picks: NS Copenhagen Caviar de Russie Age-Delay Face Mask, Natura Siberica COSMOS ICEA Nourishing Face Mask


face masks

Hand Cream

Other than our faces, our hands are often left exposed to cold dry air in winter. Avoid dehydrated, cracked and unsightly hands by applying a hand cream daily. The best ones are those that not only deeply hydrate but also sink into the skin quickly, don't leave behind an oily residue and protect your skin. Like your face moisturiser, bedtime is the best time to apply a heavier hand cream as it allows it to sink in overnight.

Our Picks: Natura Siberica COSMOS ICEA Winter Hand Cream, Fresh Spa Bania Detox Mitten Protective Hand Cream


hand creams

Body Moisturiser

Although our bodies are mostly covered in winter, our skin can still become dry and irritated. If you are guilty of spending extra time in a steaming hot shower or lounging in front of a heater in winter, there is a chance that your skin will become dehydrated as both a hot shower and heater cause your skin to loose moisture. Use a thick hydrating and repairing body cream to add moisture back into dry limbs.

Our Picks: NS Copenhagen Snow Tsarina Repair Body Cream, Sauna and Spa Daurian Body Butter

body butters

What Natura Siberica products do you like to use to keep your skin hydrated? Let us know below!