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The August Wrap Up

Friday, September 4th, 2015

Yes its September and after months of waiting the containers have finally arrived and its here – it seemed like only yesterday when we began planning the big arrival into Australia and now we have less than 3 weeks to go before you can actually go into store to buy it. Excited? We know we are.

August was such a huge month for the Natura Siberica team. The month began with prepping and packing our gorgeous media kits and gift packs all packed with Siberian Pine Essence the office smelt just like Christmas. These fabulous kits were then sent out to all our Australian beauty media and beauty bloggers and the response was unreal check out a few that popped up all over Instagram.

Rave reviews about our products keep coming in and some of them are just too good not to share, so weve put together a few of our faves below. Just follow the links to read the full blog reviews…[you know what to do].

(About the Oblepikha Honey Body Scrub) Hands down my fave from the bunch. Its fruity, fresh and so gentle its perfect for pregnant bellies and boobs as well. Unlike other shower exfoliants its also not messy, so super easy to use. Im not sure that its making my ever-expanding belly feel firmer but I like the idea that it helps eliminate toxins. It smells like mega mango yumness. Yadira Galarza Cauchi, Clean Beauty Talk

The cream ticked all of those points I mentioned above and as a bonus, it also claims to be an extra-firming hand cream anything to keep my 40 year old hands looking younger I say. The cream is made out of ingredients that are 99% natural… It also has Siberian Ginseng, the magic ingredient that helps to rejuvenate the skin Norlin M, Baubles, Bubbles and Bags

(About the Oblepikha Honey Body Scrub) This product retails at $19.99 which I believe is a fair price for such a HOLY GRAIL bathroom item. Its $4 cheaper than the standard Body Shop scrubs and dare I say, I think I like the Natura Siberica scrub better It refreshes and rejuvenates my skin with all its lovely extracts. Chelsea May, Uhmchels

(About the Oblepikha Maximum Volume Shampoo and Conditioner) Both the products are made from natural ingredients chosen for their ability to nourish and bring volume to even the flattest of locks, making this an everyday-must for many people… After one use hair is noticeably more voluminous, which is both impressive and appreciated. Vanessa, Beauty and Lace

Our products have just recently featured in Good Health Magazine, Brisbane News and Body & Soul you can find these snippets and many more to come in our press room.

Arrival in stores in 21st September and available online now. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be in the loop for all the latest news. This is a product launch you definitely dont want to miss out on. Until next month

What product are you most excited to try out of the Natura Siberica Australia range?

Born in Siberia NOW in Australia.