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Just Landed: New to the Northern Collection

Thursday, March 29th, 2018
By Chantalle Duffin

New to our online store, are three additions to the Northern Collection range. Joining our best-selling Northern Collection Detox Soap, these new goodies take the powerful skin detoxing properties from Activated Charcoal and traditional Siberian recipes, herbs and flowers, turning them into an effective daily skincare routine.

There is no denying that activated charcoal is a hot commodity in some of our most favourite and holy grail skincare products – it is a trend that is here for to stay! In fact, you will find activated charcoal as the core ingredient in our best-selling face product and customer fave, the Northern Collection Detox Soap for Deep Facial Cleansing. So it should come at no surprise that we've taken our charcoal obsession the next step further, expanded our Northern Collection, and added in 3 more skincare products – that we know will become instant favourites and essentials in your daily skincare regime. Read on to discover our newest additions and what makes them so incredibly unique.

Read more about why you should be adding activated charcoal to your skincare routine.

Northern Collection Cleansing Charcoal Micellar Water.

Chances are, by now youve heard of micellar water before or have already incorporated it into your skincare regime. This French cult-favorite is considered as one of the most handy skin care products of the momentand for a good reason! Not only can micellar water be used to remove just about everything without having to rinse it off afterwards, it is also quite multipurpose and incredibly hard working. While micellar water may look just like traditional water, it is actually so much more. Micellar water consists of micelles, which are tiny balls of oil molecules suspended in soft water. The science behind micellar water is that these micelle molecules are attracted to dirt and oil, and therefore work to draw out impurities from your skin without drying it out, and instead leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. This means that micellar water can not only be used as a facial cleanser, but also a make-up remover and moisturiser all in one!

Our Northern Collection Micellar Water takes traditional micellar water as we know it to the next level by adding in activated charcoal and a combination of wild harvested herbs and flowers. With its fresh, light texture, our Cleansing Micellar Water allows for easy and effective daily cleansing of both the face and eye area. Its rich formula combines Charcoal to draw out impurities and open pores. With Organic extracts of Melilot, Wild Northern Cloudberry and Limonnik Nanai, it infuses the skin with vitamins, helps to moisten and hydrate skin, stimulates its renewal and promotes its anti-oxidant resilience. Organic Birch extract has a powerful energising effect. The skin is left looking and feeling healthier and toned, revealing a clearer, brighter complexion and leave skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Northern Collection Black Cleansing Butter for Dry and Sensitive Skin.

Much like cleansing balms, cleansing butters are super rich and creamy solid cleansers that work twice as hard as an ordinary gel or foaming face cleanser. They remove dirt, oil and impurities from the skin, while also protecting and enhancing the skin's moisture balance. Cleansing butters make it incredibly easy to remove make-up as the natural oils in their formula latch onto dirt and break down make-up particles, making it easier to lift away all impurities from the skin.

The Northern Collection Black Cleansing Butter is specifically formulated with Dry and Sensitive skin in mind. Our rich textured butter transforms into a silky cleansing milk when in contact with water to gently and effectively cleanse the face. It not only effortlessly removes stubborn make-up but is also gentle enough to remove eye make-up. Activated Charcoal absorbs impurities and deeply cleanses the pores, Organic Linen Oil nourishes and soften, and Siberian Pine Oil, Altai Sea Buckthorn Oil and Rhodiola Rosea extract work to keep the skin enviably soft and resilient. Skin is left feeling clean and supple and with a radiant appearance

Northern Collection White Cleansing Butter for Normal and Combination Skin.

On the flip side, our Northern Collection White Cleansing Butter takes the powerful skin purifying benefits of white clay to balance the skin and absorb excess sebum. Our soft textured butter turns into a light cleansing milk when massaged into the skin and in contact with water to gently and effectively cleanse the face. White Clay helps attract and remove excess oil, whilst Organic Linen Oil deeply moisturises the skin. Organic Siberian Pine Oil and Altai Sea Buckthorn Oil leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated, and Siberian Juniper helps to refreshen and rejuevnate the skin. Your skin will be left feeling decongested, purified and refreshed.

Have you tried any products in the Northern Collection range? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!