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Introducing our new collections

Introducing our new collections
Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

After being on Australian shores for less than a year, we are excited to now unveil our newest product ranges. With 14 new collections and over 100 new products exclusively available on our online store, there is something to suit everyone.

If you're on the hunt for certified natural and organic products for baby then look no further than our new Little Siberica range. From No Tears Shampoo to Baby Bath Foams and Bath Gels, the Little Siberica range gently takes care of your baby's delicate skin and hair, as well as protecting them from numerous environmental factors. The range is ECO CERT and COSMOS Certified.Untitled design

If you think cosmetics are not for men then think again. NS Men is a skin and hair care range encompassing the primal nature of rare and unique plants from Siberia and the Far East. The range has been developed specifically for the needs of REAL MEN who are strong, brave and self-confident.

Crafted from a Siberian Pine Oil derivative and rare unique Siberian herbs and flowers, our new Natura Siberia ICEA Certified range includes hair, face and body caredesigned to meet the specific needs of different skin and hair types. These products use Wild Siberian herbs to create a range of gentle but effective products that are free from parabens, SLS and silicones, PEG, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes and Glycols.
The BDIH haircare range has been approved by natural and organic German BDIH COSMOS certificate. The range has a minimum 98% of natural ingredients formulated with NO silicones, parabens, SLS, SLES, PEG, Synthetic Dyes, Glycols or Mineral Oils. The range has maximum concentration of organic extract of wild Siberian herbs, allowing maximum efficiency due to the high concentration of these natural and active ingredients.

icea haircare

Take your beauty regime one step further and pamper yourself in the luxury of your own home with the Fresh Spa by Natura Siberica range. Treat lacklustre skin and tired dull looking hair with the Bania Detoxand Imperial Caviar collections. Both ranges offer professional skincare and hair care that were designed especially for Natura Siberica’s spa-salon Fresh Spa by Natura Siberica.

The Sauna & Spa range includes a unique selection of products where a sense of harmony and nature unite. Massages, peelings, wraps, treatments for face, body and hair, and programs for body correction – a choice is dictated solely by your desire. Both collections use active organic extracts and pure oils of rare Siberian plants allowing you to immerse yourself in a unique spa experience without having to leave your bathroom.

sauna and spa

Transport yourself to ancient Siberia with the GZEL Natura Siberica range. Using a combination of ancient recipes and the strength of rare Siberian plants, these products use the oils of Arctic Raspberry, Northern Sea-Buckthorn and Wild Rose, a rare Organic Honey, Ivan-Tea and Snow Cladonia Extracts, Golden Cloudberry and Taiga Ashberry.

The Natura Siberica Copenhagen Blanche collection is a range of face and hair care created especially for the opening of Natura Siberica’s flagship store in Copenhagen. Bringing together the purity of Scandinavia and the power of Siberian nature, products are made using the most effective ingredients from herbs and plants found in harsh climatic regions, which have adapted unique and vital properties.


For the skincare obsessed the Royal Caviar skincare range that combines leading scientific knowledge with the unique skin enhancing benefits of Siberian Beluga Caviar is the range for you. Combining leading cosmetology achievements with the unique properties of Beluga caviar in order to give your skin youth and beauty. Rich in amino acid and minerals, beluga caviar is perfectly absorbed by the skin cells.

Our Natura Siberia ICEA Northern Soap is a natural deep facial cleansing detox soap that combines the ancient recipes of Northern Siberian tribes and is made of activated carbon and wild herb and berry extracts. Filled with unique properties, northern herbs and berries have been known to be rich in valuable oils and vitamins since ancient times.

royal caviar northern soap

All ranges are now available exclusively on our online store – click here to start shopping!