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Currently Coveting: Our 5 Bestsellers of 2017

Currently Coveting: Our 5 Bestsellers of 2017
Wednesday, January 24th, 2018
By Chantalle Duffin

The best of the best, the cream of the crop, these are our bestsellers of 2017 – as chosen by you!
So what products made the cut? Read on to find out if your favourites made the list, what makes these products bestsellers, and why you need to get them in your hands right now..

1. Oblepikha Siberica Honey Body Scrub

No good pamper session is really truly complete without an all-over body scrub – and our Oblepikha Siberica Honey Body Scrub ticks all the right boxes. Wonderfully gritty, but still gentle on the skin, this body scrub works hard so you don't have to. It's packed full of active ingredients such as Altai Sea Buckthorn, Buckwheat Honey, and Sage Extract, to exfoliate away dead skin cells, and gently refine and cleanse the skin. Your skin will be left feeling fresh, deeply nourished and with a radiant glow.

2. Northern Detox Soap for Deep Facial Cleansing

Exclusive to our online store, the concoction of skin loving ingredients found in our Northern Detox Soap for Deep Facial Cleansing promises to gently but deeply cleanse the skin, and remove any grime and gunk hidden within your pores. The core ingredient in our Detox Soap is activated charcoal (or activated carbon as it is also known). Hosting a magnitude of skin benefits, activated charcoal is infamous for its ability to draw out toxins, pollutants, and impurities from the skin, leaving behind clear, flawless skin. This soap also combines Oblepikha Oil to soften, tone, and nourish the skin, as well as Flaxseed Oil that works as an anti-inflammatory. Your skin is left feeling hydrated and nourished, but most importantly decongested and clean – it's not hard to see why this is a customer favourite!

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3. NS Men White Bear Super Refreshing Shower Gel

One for the gents, get ready to feel recharged and ready to tackle the day with the NS Men White Bear Super Refreshing Shower Gel. This unique remedy for perfect skin cleansing and hydration combines together Organic Bearberry and Organic Borage to hydrate, refresh, and effectively cleanse the skin. Team this with its unique holographic, and black and gold detailed packaging, this shower gel is sure to be a hit with all the men who think they have their grooming game down pat or think that they don't need one at all!

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4. Oblepikha Siberica Mini Travel Set

Our travel essential, don't board your next flight without taking this mini set with you first! We've taken the stress out of packing for any upcoming getaway with our Oblepikha Siberica Mini Travel Set. Featuring 4 of our best-selling Oblepikha hair and body products in 50ml squeezable bottles, pesky luggage restrictions are a problem of the past, making the packing process a breeze! This set offer a complete kit for hair and body, including the award-winning Nutrition and Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, Energising Freshness Shower Gel, and Nutrition and Hydration Body Milk. Our travel minis are the solution for those who want to continue with their natural beauty routine without having to compromise on product quality or baggage space.

5. Fresh Spa Imperial Caviar Rejuvenating Black Face Cream

Bring your daily skincare routine up a notch with our new Fresh Spa Imperial Caviar Rejuvenating Night Cream. This incredibly nourishing and hydrating night cream is based on black caviar extract and wild harvested Siberian herbs, created to provide you with extraordinary everyday care, and actively rejuvenate and revitalise the skin. Black Caviar extract is a luxurious and highly effective cosmetic ingredient. Rich in amino acids and proteins, minerals and vitamins, it has moisturising, nourishing, revitalising and protective qualities, all of which help to reverse skin ageing process and boost collagen production.

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*Body Scrub and Travel Set images thanks to @thebeautyandthegeekau and @thebeautycollection