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Blogger Spotlight: Meet Laura of The Life of Laura

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017
By Chantalle Duffin

Looking for honest beauty reviews & useful makeup tips? Look no further than The Life of Laura.

Created by Laura, The Life of Laura is your one stop shop for unearthing some of the best product reviews and beauty how-to's. Kicking off our monthly Blogger Spotlight series we sat down with the lovely Laura to find out a bit more about her and what started her passion for all things beauty – let's meet her!

Share your journey with us. What sparked your interest in blogging? How long have you been blogging for?
I got into blogging because I loved all things beauty and I often had friends or family asking for advice on skincare and makeup (because for some reason I had tried or knew about everything) so I decided one day, on a whim, that I would start a place where I could share that. The Life of Laura is now officially one year and I am loving it more and more each day.

Are you a full-time blogger or do you do have another position/job? Has blogging changed your life in anyway?
I am not a full time blogger. I am currently a full time student, studying music teaching, and I also work part time as a piano and violin teacher. Both of which keep me very busy and I often wonder how I fit blogging in, but somehow I manage it. My blog has definitely changed my life in a number of ways. It has given me a creative outlet that I never knew existed and that has been amazing in stress relief, as weird as that might sound to some. Just having a space to create content that has nothing to do with work or uni, and most importantly, that isnt being assessed, has been amazing for me. It has become a way of making myself take a break from uni and work (which I am typically hopeless at) and do something that I absolutely love.

Other than all things beauty, what else do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I am musician, so I love to play music in my spare time sing, play piano, violin, I am still trying to learn guitar as well. I am also an avid reader, and you will rarely find me without a book (typically my Kindle is in my handbag, in case I get a moment to read a couple of pages). I also love to play basketball, and kick my partners butt at Battlefront (a Star Wars Playstation game).

What is the highlight of your blogging career to date?
I always find this a really difficult question to answer, because there are a lot of things that make up my blogging highlights. Getting my first PR email and package was super exciting. Going to my first bloggers event this year was also a huge highlight. To actually meet people who have been supporting my since I started AND to recognise me was a weird, yet really amazing experience.

What do you look for in a good everyday beauty product?
Something that is simple if I have learnt anything from blogging, its that my skin loves simple products. That is, products that dont have heaps and heaps of ingredients, that do what they say, and that are typically natural based products. Plus, having sensitive skin, simple is always better.



Do you think it is important to use organic and natural beauty products? Do you prefer them to other products?
I used to not think natural ingredients were that special or important. If blogging has taught me anything though, its that organic and natural beauty products are on the rise and are doing really well. I typically reach and use natural products now, because I know that my skin will love them and there are no nasty chemicals or ingredients that are going to irritate my skin. So yes, I do prefer using natural now. Having sensitive skin, and issues with eczema, I know that I can trust natural beauty products way more than anything else.

What are your top 5 Holy Grail cant live without products?
1. A good BB Cream something that is lightweight, but still has a good coverage and will even out my skin tone. I have (finally) found a couple of BB Creams that I love
2. A gentle cleanser being one of the harsher stages of skincare, I will always choose a gentle cleanser that I know wont strip or irritate my skin.
3. A good, hydrating lip balm I have the driest lips, so I must ALWAYS have a good lip balm on standby.
4. A good hydrating hand cream just like lips, I have the driest hands, so a good hand cream is a must for me
5. A gentle body lotion I tend to get really bad eczema on my legs, and so many body lotions irritate that. I must have a good, gentle (typically natural) body lotion in my skincare.

What are your favourite Natura Siberica products?
This is an easy one! I currently am OBSESSED with the Oblepikha Foot Cream, it is phenomenal. I usually am indifferent to foot creams, but this one has blown my mind. It is hydrating and smells amazing and damn my feet feel good! I also love the Revitalising Bath Salts, which smell divine and make for the most relaxing bath EVER.

What do you see yourself in five years? Do you still hope to be blogging?
I hope to be a full time teacher in five years time, teaching music at a nice school somewhere. It is potentially on the tables that I might be in the UK somewhere as my partner is studying his heart out and I am educating the children of the world. I do hope to still be blogging though, I would be so sad if I couldnt fit it in. I know that I will probably not be able to be as active and blog as often as I do now, but I cant imagine life without my blog anymore, so hopefully I will be!

Make sure you check out Laura's blog here and be sure to follow her on Instagram!

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