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Blogger Spotlight: Meet Kelsie from Wellness By Kels

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017
By Chantalle Duffin

If you are on the hunt for the latest and greatest products to make you glow from the inside out, you need to have Wellness By Kels on your radar.

Created by Kelsie, Wellness By Kels is your haven for discovering what's new in beauty and unearthing wellness and lifestyle tips that you wished you knew yesterday! For this month's Blogger Spotlight series we chatted with the super talented Kelsie to find out a bit more about her and what started her obsession for beauty!

Share your journey with us. What sparked your interest in blogging? How long have you been blogging for?
I have been interested in skincare and makeup for so many years now, and I found that blogging naturally arose from my love of trying out new products. I started an Instagram whereby I would share what I was loving and testing, and loved the community of people similar to me. It has all just grown from there. I love sharing the products I am loving and hearing what other people have been enjoying as well. I have now been blogging for over 4 years now!

Are you a full-time blogger or do you do have another position/job? Has blogging changed your life in anyway?
Blogging for me is a hobby, and something I love spending my spare time doing. It is something that keeps my mind off my chronic illness, which prevents me from working. I am a super creative person, and find blogging a great outlet for me!

Other than all things beauty, what else do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Apart from blogging, I love spending time in nature. There is nothing better than spending a whole day at the beach in summer with my dog and my partner. I also love going exploring, and four wheel driving! Currently I have been busy renovating my partner and I's first house, which has been so much fun and something I can't seem to spend enough time doing!

What is the highlight of your blogging career to date?
I don't have one singular highlight that stands out to me in regards to blogging, but whenever I am reached out to my brands I have loved for years, I feel so blessed!

What do you look for in a good everyday beauty product?
A good everyday product to me is something that is multipurpose, and something that is hydrating and that works well on my super dry skin, like a great thick moisturiser or oil!



Do you think it is important to use organic and natural beauty products? Do you prefer them to other products?
I use a combo of natural/organic and conventional beauty products, and I am constantly changing my routine to test out new products. I love how natural products contain plant ingredients that truly nourish and heal the skin. I adore using plant oils in my hair as there is nothing better for adding shine!

What are your top 5 Holy Grail cant live without products?
If I was trapped on a desert island and could only bring five products with me they would be concealer, mascara, moisturiser, a good plant oil (so multipurpose!), and highlighter!.

What are your favourite Natura Siberica products?
I am obsessed with Natura Siberica products! I love the Winter Hand Cream; it nourishes and heals my eternally dry and cracked hands. The intensive nutrition and hydration shower gel is such a great multipurpose product that is gentle on the skin but still cleans well. I use their hair mask for severely damaged hair and their hair complex for damaged ends and find they do an amazing job of hydrating my hair, adding shine and reducing split ends. The icy berries body scrub is a great weekly treatment that exfoliates any dry or rough skin away and leaves me feeling soft and hydrated! Finally, the body butter is super thick and hydrating and perfect for super dry bits like cuticles, knees, and elbows. You can check out more of my top Natura Siberica picks here

Where do you see yourself in five years? Do you still hope to be blogging?
As for five years, it's hard to tell! Hopefully I will be happy and loving life, and my health will be better. As for blogging, I will continue to post for as long as I find enjoyment in it!

Kelsie is part of our blogger NS Crew, take a peek at her fave Natura Siberica products here

Make sure you also check out Kelsie's blog here and be sure to follow her onInstagram!

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