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5 Wild Harvested Herbs & Flowers to make you Glow

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

For centuries, herbs and plants have been used for the potent skin regeneration properties to enhance our beauty and nourish the skin from the outside in.

Natura Siberica is the first Certified Organic beauty brand based on exclusive Wild Harvested flowers and natural ingredientssourced from the unspoilt continent of Siberia, turning traditional Siberian beauty secrets into a unique natural beauty range for bath, body and hair.

Natura Siberica draws ethically and responsibly from the natural Siberian resources, where the unique flora has stayed pristine despite extreme weather conditions. Wild Harvestedmeans that the ingredients included in Natura Sibericas products are gathered in their most natural environment in Siberia at exactly the right time to ensure that the herbs and flowers are rich in nutrients and active components and at their most resilient and purest form this ensures that your skin and hair care are jam packed with skin loving nutrient and vitamins!

The Natura Siberica range also contains 4 of 12 of the worlds natural adaptogens, which are a natural substance found in plants that have survived since the Ice Age, adapting to and thriving in the most severe weather conditions. Adaptogens increase the plants resistance against environmental stress, avoid damage and then in turn offer us unique health and beauty benefits.

So what are some of Natura Sibericas most powerful beautifiers? Try these five unique organic wild harvested herbs and flowers to make you glow

1. Siberian Cedar Pine Seed Oil


Used as a base to all Natura Siberica products, Siberian Cedar Pine Seed Oil is several times richer in Vitamin E than olive oil and has a higher concentration of Vitamin F than Cod Liver Oil. Siberian Cedar Oil helps to effectively smooth and nourish the skin, rejuvenate and regenerate hair and act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Can be found in: the whole Natura Siberica range!

2. Altai Sea Buckthorn


Altai Sea Buckthorn is considered as one of the best treatments for skin health as the Vitamin C present in the berry does not get destroyed even under thermal influence. This makes sea buckthorn fantastic for regenerating skin and hair, providing hydration and restoring skin structure. Sea Buckthorn can be found in all products in the Siberica Oblepikha range.

Can be found in: the whole Oblepikha Siberica range and other products including Fresh Spa Bania Detox Golden Oblepikha Shampoo and Conditioner, NS Copenhagen 10 Icy Berries Body Scrub.

3. Siberian Ginseng


Siberian Ginseng has the ability to survive in even the most extreme Siberian winters. Research shows that Siberian Ginseng contains 30% more active ingredients than any other type of Ginseng in the world. It helps to improve skin conditions by restoring epidermis cells, and protecting skin and hair from dehydration.

Can be found in: Natura Siberica Eye Cream Gel with Siberian Ginseng, Natura Siberica Sauna & Spa Protection & Repair Hair Mask with Siberian Ginseng, Natura Siberica Extra-Firming Hand Cream

4. Rhodiola Rosea


Rhodiola Rosea is a flowering plant found on costal edge cliffs and mountains of altitudes up to 2280 meters. This unique flower has a great rejuvenating effect, it stimulates the metabolic process, enhances the skins protective functions and nourishes and hydrates skin and hair.

Can be found in: Natura Siberica Day Cream with Rhodiola Rosea, Natura Siberica Revitalising Bath Salts, Natura Siberica Hydrating Cream Soap.

5. Limonik Nanai


Limonik Nanai is a Siberian plant with fruits that look like Cherries and is known for its natural healing abilities making it one of the most effective adaptogens on the planet. The fruit and seeds contain high contents of vitamin C and E making it extremely beneficial for strengthening hair, relieving skin irritation and improving the structure and appearance of skin and hair.

Can be found in: Natura Siberica Lifting Hand Cream, Natura Siberica ICEA Northern Soap Detox for Deep Facial Cleansing, Sauna & Spa Natural Siberian Foot Butter.

Have you tried any of these Natura Siberica products? Let us know in the comments below!


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