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How Adaptogenic Skincare is Defying Signs of Ageing

You’d be forgiven for writing adaptogens off as just another ‘beauty buzzword’. Thanks to a recent surge in their popularity, the word ‘adaptogenic’ is hotly circulating beauty forums everywhere. If you follow beauty trends-and even if you don’t-you’ve no doubt heard mention of their amazing therapeutic benefits. 

In actuality, these botanic superheroes have been around for centuries, particularly utilised in holistic healing because of their ability to accelerate repair and transform stress and fatigue at a cellular level.

The benefits of adaptogens are felt from the inside out. Beginning with improved gut health, they’re also able to support mental stress and anxiety, sleep function, as well as external features like nail and hair repair. Similarly, this is how they help our skin. They work from within to boost natural immunity while minimising inflammatory response, repairing individual cells to improve the overall appearance of skin tone, texture and radiance.

This reparative ability is what makes them such a powerful anti-ageing ally. Adaptogens are able to support our central nervous system by reducing the influence of aggressors while re-establishing a state of equilibrium. Skin bears the brunt of everyday stress and fatigue. It’s when our system becomes overwhelmed by these stresses that signs of ageing appear, such as fine lines, dryness and rosacea. Thanks to their ability to restore balance and bolster repair, adaptogens are particularly powerful at minimising these telltale signs of ageing.

Natura Siberica | How Adaptogenic Skincare is Defying Signs of Ageing

So What Are Adaptogens?

The term ‘adaptogen’ was originally coined by botanists Dr. Nicolai Lazarev and Dr. Israel Brekhman, who studied these powerful plants and herbs for over 45 years. They discovered that there were certain plants that had developed a unique ability to overcome severe environmental stresses by developing their own resistance. Not only were they able to heal themselves, they were able to pass their evolved abilities onto the next generation of plants.

This process of natural selection makes adaptogenic plants incredibly nutrient-rich, as only the most potent species have developed the ability to overcome stressors and thrive. It’s the power of these adapted plants-or adaptogens-that has been harnessed medicinally for centuries, and that’s being utilised more frequently in beauty products as people move away from highly-processed, chemically-loaded options. 

We have several superhero adaptogens that we use in many of our products thanks to their amazing therapeutic benefits. Here we look at just a few. 


Natura Siberica | Sea Buckthorn

Rhodiola Rosea 

An incredibly high natural antioxidant, Rhodiola Rosea is able to support the skin cell’s natural defences by repairing oxidation processes and boosting skin cell renewal. It also has a powerful ability to improve circulation and collagen production. These processes make Rhodiola Rosea a powerful anti-ageing ally by helping the body to shed damaged, fatigued skin cells and replace them with repaired and improved cells. 

Our Natura Siberica Night Cream with Rhodiola Rosea works overnight to repair and replenish your skin, helping you to wake up with a supple, glowy complexion. 

Siberian Ginseng

Known to be a powerful anti-fatigue and anti-inflammatory, Siberian Ginseng stimulates cell metabolism, blood circulation and improves skin tone. By helping the skin to counter daily stressful aggressors, Siberian Ginseng can be used to repair the damaged surface of the skin and restore radiance, vitality and youth. 

Our Natura Siberica Eye Cream Gel with Siberian Ginseng works to repair the sensitive, thin skin around the eye area and awaken it, making the skin softer and smoother.

Aralia Mandchurica

Aralia Mandchurica has a powerful firming effect on the skin, allowing it to restore tone, elasticity and also smooth wrinkles. By using Aralia Mandchurica in your beauty regime, your skin is able to combat damaging climatic influences such as extreme heat or cold. This powerful adaptogen also helps to promote improved blood circulation, aiding in skin cell repair. 

Aralia Mandchurica can be found in the Natura Siberica Organic Certified Rich Cleansing Balm for Dry & Dull Skin. 

Sea Buckthorn

The unique and powerful ability of Altai Sea-Buckthorn to prevent vitamin C collapse when exposed to extreme heat is what makes it such a potent antioxidant. Able to improve regeneration and deeply moisturise, this adaptogen has a range of beauty benefits including preventing dandruff, hair loss, fading scars and increasing skin tone. 

Our entire Oblepikha Siberica collection is based around this amazing adaptogen. 

Natura Siberica | Oblepikha C Berrica