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Altai Oblepikha


The therapeutic benefits of Altai Oblepikha (hippophae rhamnoides, or sea buckthorn) have been known for centuries, however it's only with modern science that we can understand what makes it so effective. The vitamin C found in the altai oblepikha fruit can withstand extreme heat without losing potency. This is due to the absence of ascorbic vinadase. This ability to maintain such potent levels of vitamin C make it highly antioxidant rich, and therefore a powerful ingredient in hair, skin and treatments. 

Altai oblepikha is used to improve hair and skin condition, prevent hair loss, combat dandruff and eliminate dryness and fragility. High levels of vitamin C allow it to accelerate skin regeneration processes, improve skin tone, deeply moisturise and promote youthfulness. 

Altai Oblepikha Hydrolate

A hydrolate is a water-based cocktail of vitamins, minerals and microelements, created through a process of distillation. An Altai Oblepikha Hydrolate base is used in many of our formulas to ensure maximum benefits are infused into every application. 


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