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Macadamia Oil


Macadamia (macadamia ternifolia) oil contains a concentrated dose of fatty acids and nutrients. It is one of the most common oils in hair products, mainly for its ability to revive dry and damaged hair.

Macadamia oil can moisturise the scalp, boost hair shine and regulate oil production. Macadamia oil helps to enable natural oil production to keep the scalp hydrated, and restore skin barrier function to stop water loss and keep hydration in.

Macadamia oil also adds moisture to the hair strands. Being lightweight and non-greasy, it is excellent to tame frizz without weighing down the hair.

The process of macadamia oil extraction requires months of drying before the shell can be carefully removed and the nut can be squeezed. The most valuable oil, rich in fatty acids, vitamins A and E, zinc and copper, is obtained through cold pressing. 


Macadamia oil has unique moisturising properties. It improves the lipid barrier of the skin, penetrating deeply into the tissue and restoring balance to the moisture content in cells. It's powerful rehydrating properties make it a vital ingredient in skin and haircare, and because it's so gentle, it can be used to treat very young and very sensitive skin. 


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