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Yamamomo juice. Japan


The Planeta Organica team went to the Japanese archipelagoin search of the best yamamomo strawberries for a new cosmetics collection.We searched for outlandish fruits on three islands, and only on the largest of them - the island of Honshu - did we find their wild groves.

The name of the island is composed of two parts: "Hon" - the main one, "Shu" - the province.Over 100 million people live here, which is 80% of the total population of Japan.Honshu is literally dotted with mountains and active volcanoes, the most famous of which - Fuji (or Fujiyama) - is considered one of the main attractions of the island nation.Mountains play a key role in shaping the climate of the island.If in the south the climate is subtropical, then in the north it is already continental.

Japan's nature is breathtakingly beautiful.


Botanical features of the plant

Yamamomo strawberries are native to East Asia.It has been cultivated for over two thousand years in Japan, Laos and China.The plant is completely unpretentious about the quality of the soil and its chemical composition, it feels great where other trees cannot survive.

The only condition for the active and full development and growth of the yamamomo tree is sufficient illumination.


The main value of yamamomo is the fruits, which are balls up to 2-3 cm in diameter enclosed in a rough shell. The color of the outer skin varies from light red to almost purple.A large seed is hidden in the center of the berry, which is surrounded by juicy, tender, red flesh.The taste of the berry is peculiar - cherry, strawberry and blackberry notes are heard in it at the same time.While quite sweet, yamamomo also has a tart and even slightly pungent taste.

Yamamomo Japanese strawberry fruit

Expedition results

On the beautiful island of Honshu, thePlaneta Organica team discovered a true treasure of nature - juicy and fragrant yamamomo berries.The products of the Turbo Berry cosmetics collection, enriched with their organic juice, have a refreshing, brightening and regenerating effect on the skin. 

Yamamomo berries are practically not exported outside of Japan, so we agreed with a local landowner to purchase fruits and installour own extractor at the place of their collection.During the production of yamamomo berry juice by extraction, an organically pure product is obtained, in which the maximum amount of biologically active substances is preserved.

By the way, if you find yourself in Nara Prefecture, in the south of the island, be sure to try the bright pink refreshing juice from yamamomo berries.Each year, this signature drink is made from crops harvested from the nearby mountains.