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Sea buckthorn juice. Mongolia


Far, far away, there is a country where mountains stretch out in powerful, stony ridges, and flowers gently fragrant in spacious valleys, where rivers wind like blue ribbons through dry, scorched steppes.Where to this day the nomadic way of life and deep respect for traditions have been preserved.

This is a completely different world and it is called - Mongolia.It was here that thePlaneta Organica team went in search of the best raw materials from sea buckthorn berries.


Sea buckthorn tolerates the harsh climatic conditions of Mongolia without any special consequences: drought, high temperatures, wintering without snow cover, and annually pleases with a harvest.In recent years, the country's leadership has been actively purchasing sea buckthorn seedlings and supporting farmers who grow this crop.And it's not just the value of berries and sea buckthorn products, from which oil, syrup and juice are made.It performs a much more important function: it helps to stop the spread of the sands of the vast Gobi Desert.

The action of sea buckthorn in cosmetics

Sea buckthorn mask for skin rejuvenation

Sea buckthorn has been used for a long time to maintain the beauty of the skin, and innovative cosmetic formulas have only enhanced its properties.It contains vitamins A, C and E, vitamins of groups B and K, carotene, carotenoids, tocopherols, sterols, fatty acids.In skin care products, sea buckthorn berry derivatives have a powerful yet gentle effect.

Sea buckthorn juice has wonderful softening, moisturizing and nourishing properties, prevents the first signs of skin aging and the formation of early wrinkles.Penetrating well into the skin, it stimulates microcirculation processes, eliminates peeling and reduces moisture loss.

Miracle berry sea buckthorn

In Mongolia, sea buckthorn is still considered a source of vital energy, and the indigenous people from generation to generation pass on stories that in the old days, the warriors of Genghis Khan acquired their mighty strength and endurance by drinking sea buckthorn juice.In addition, medicines prepared from sea buckthorn helped heal wounds and injuries received in battles faster.

Collection of sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn begins to bear fruit at the age of 5-6 years and gives a bountiful harvest for 15 years even in drought and cold conditions.Ripe fruits are harvested from August and continue in September.At harvest, the branches of the tree are cut by hand, as the berries grow close to the stem.Then, using a special tool, berries are cut from the branches and placed in a cool place.Sea buckthorn juice is obtained by cold pressing to preserve all valuable properties, pasteurized and packed in hermetically sealed containers.

Expedition results

When creating the collection of cosmetics for energy and nutrition of the skinTurbo Berry , we usedorganic sea buckthorn juice from Mongolia, obtained by cold pressing. After a careful selection of different varieties of sea buckthorn, we settled on a variety that grows in farmers' gardens on the ecologically clean highlands of Uvs aimag.After all, it contains a high concentration of palmitic acid, which contributes to the renewal and regeneration of the skin.