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Grape juice. France


The Loire Valley is one of the most picturesque places on earth.Geographically, the region is located in the middle of the country.The impenetrable thickets of the forest and the shallow depth of the Loire River, too shallow for ships, sheltered it from the wars that tore apart France in the Middle Ages.Perhaps that is why the Loire Valley has been preserved in its medieval beauty.Luxurious parks with many winding paths, meadows full of bliss, majestic castles and ... vineyards, vineyards.The mild climate, diverse soils and excellent sunlight allow the French to grow about 60 varieties of grapes here.

In search of the best vineyards for our future moisturizing cosmetics line, the Planeta Organica team went to France, where we climbed on foot to the very top of the eastern hills along the Loire River.

Grapevine - a source of inexhaustible wealth

For the Turbo Berry line of cosmetics, we chose a Muscat white grape variety from the Loire Valley, known for its ability to store moisture.Berries contain more than 200 useful substances: organic acids, pectins, almost all vitamins (C, A, E, K, H, group B, group P), minerals (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine, silicon, manganese , iron, iodine, zinc and copper), as well as polyphenols.

Muscat white grape variety

From the ripe fresh fruits of the vine, grape juice is obtained.Due to its unique composition, this active ingredient naturally replenishes moisture in the skin, nourishes and fortifies it, allowing you to stay fresh and young.Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, prevents the destruction of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as glucuronic and hyaluronic acids, which are the main sources of youth.

harvest festival

Mid-September is the best time to harvest.Grapes are cut by hand from the vine and then stripped of leaves.The work is hard, but unlike the industrial method, the manual method helps to select and preserve the best bunches of berries without damaging their structure.In a day, you need to walk about 100 meters of vines, cutting each one.They are collected either in baskets, which are then picked up by a tractor, or in purses, which are poured into a person with a large quiver backpack on his back.

In September, the grapes reach their optimal taste qualities.

The next step is to separate the berries from the vine.François has a special machine from 1951 that gently does this task, lightly crushing the berries so they can release their juice.The juice is placed in sealed vessels and placed in a cool dark place.

Expedition results

Nowadays, in the Loire Valley, a trend towards ecological viticulture has taken root, involving a careful attitude to the environment.The idea is to allow the vine to develop naturally with as little interference as possible.

True to its own principles of sustainability, the Planeta Organica team found a vineyard in the Loire Valley that has completely switched to organic and biodynamic methods.Francois Roux, a local farmer, enthusiastically responded to the offer of cooperation. He spoke in detail about how grapes grow, how they are cared for, and the traditional way of collecting and extracting grape juice.

When creating the Turbo Berry energizing and moisturizing cosmetics collection, we usedorganic muscat grape juice from France, harvested and processed by hand.