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Baobab oil. Ghana

Baobab is one of the most mystical plants in Africa, about which there are many legends and tales.The trunk of the tree reaches a diameter of 10 meters, and it lives up to 4-5 thousand years, claiming to be the oldest tree on the planet.According to Indian legend, baobabs are not afraid of either water or fire.Every cell of the baobab has an incredible ability to survive.If its bark is burned or torn off, the tree quickly restores it.

In search of giant beauties - baobabs - we went to the northern part of Ghana and visited the Kazadui tribe from the village of Paga.Here we were given the most cordial welcome and told everything about the outlandish tree and its amazing properties.

Tree for all occasions

Baobab is one of the most revered trees in Africa.Nothing in it goes to waste.A coarse, unusually strong fiber is obtained from its bark, which is used to make fishing nets, bags, saddles, paper, and even clothing;the leaves are boiled and eaten as vegetables;fruits replace fruits, they are also used to make a drink like lemonade.Hollow tree trunks are used as temporary shelters and pantries for storing grain, and in the extremely arid regions of Africa they are specially adapted for water storage tanks.The inhabitants of the savannas have a custom according to which everyone should plant baobab seeds near their hut.


Dry pulp helps fruits survive high temperatures

At the time of flowering and fruiting, the baobab enters from October to December, covered with leaves and enjoying life.It has huge white flowers (up to 20 cm in diameter) that are pollinated by bats.Fragrant baobab flowers open for just one night, after which they fall off.The fruits of the tree match the giant trunk and flower - in color and size they resemble melons.

The use of baobab oil in cosmetics

One of the valuable products given to us by the baobab tree is oil from the seeds of its ripe fruit.Local women widely use it in skin and hair products.Baobab oil has a very balanced composition, does not clog pores, is well absorbed, suitable for all skin types.Protects dry skin from dehydration, eliminates peeling.Softens and restores damaged, chapped skin.It has an anti-inflammatory, balancing effect on oily skin, eliminates irritation.Supports aging, thin skin, restores the lipid barrier, provides antioxidants, improves elasticity.

Delicately cares for the skin around the eyes and lips.Strengthens brittle nails.Increases skin elasticity, promotes regeneration, is recommended for the prevention of stretch marks, both alone and in combination with other essential and base oils and components.

The oil has proven itself to strengthen damaged hair.It is suitable for all types of hair, without weighing them down and leaving no greasy sheen, quickly absorbed.Restores the structure of weakened hair, restoring healthy shine and elasticity to curls, improves nutrition of hair follicles, strengthening them.

Baobab oil is also used for weak nails to strengthen and nourish the nail plate.Gives nails a healthy look and eliminates brittleness.

Summing up

When creating the Organic Baobab cosmetics collection for African hair density and unsurpassed body skin elasticity,we usedorganic baobab oil from Ghana.The women of the tribe we visited do a solid job of extracting oil from the fruit of this fantastic tree.First, the hard dry fruits of the baobab are broken, the seeds are taken out, crushed in a mortar, ground into flour, sifted and made into cakes.Then the cakes are placed for 3 days under the scorching African sun.Under the influence of high temperatures, oil is released.

Ecologically pure baobab oil does not contain toxic and aggressive components, it can be used even on the most delicate and sensitive skin.