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Acerola juice. Barbados


The fabulous island of Barbados has earned a reputation as one of the most favorable places to live on the planet.Gentle sun and warm sea, white sand beaches, surrounding still waters and wild desert coves, green fields, an abundance of historical monuments and, of course, the friendliness of the population make this island a priceless pearl in the crown of the Caribbean.

The island has a record number of centenarians for the planet.Among the factors explaining this phenomenon, researchers note physical labor, positive emotions and the favorable climate of the island.

What is acerola?

And here we are.The goal of the Planeta Organica team’s expedition to paradise is the Barbados acerola cherry, which is native to the Lesser Antilles and northern South America.This evergreen plant is also called "Puerto Rican cherry" and "tropical cherry", but it does not look like an ordinary cherry at all.Acerola berries are divided into three segments with several seeds inside and have a spicy bittersweet taste.

acerola fruit

Locals eat acerola for the prevention and treatment of viral diseases, to strengthen the immune system.It is enough to eat only 2-3 berries a day.

Acerola in cosmetology

Acerola is valued for its juicy and healthy fruits, famous for its record concentration of ascorbic acid.Vitamin C in it is ten times more than in lemons and oranges.Thanks to this, the Barbados cherry is a powerful natural antioxidant.Vitamin C is actively involved in the production of collagen, which is an important structural protein, and contributes to the achievement of a lifting effect.

As part of cosmetics, acerola effectively fights the aging of skin cells and enhances other anti-age components.It gives freshness and energy, especially in conditions of stress and overwork.It makes the complexion more even, tightens pores and gives the skin firmness and elasticity.In addition to vitamin C, acerola fruits are rich in vitamins A and PP.This vitamin cocktail protects skin in need of repair from the aggressive effects of reactive oxygen molecules.

Picking Barbados cherries

Barbados cherry blossoms

When harvesting Barbados cherries, it is necessary to take into account a number of its features.The flowering season of acerola begins in spring and ends in autumn, which explains the long ripening period of the crop.Berries are harvested in a semi-ripe state, when the fruits have just acquired a red tint, but have not yet ripened.It is at this point that the content of vitamin C in them reaches a maximum.If you miss the moment, the fruits overripe and quickly fall off, losing their taste and useful properties.The collected berries are stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 5-6 days.During this time, they have time to process into juice.

Expedition results

The inhabitants of Barbados - the Baijans - are surprisingly sympathetic and friendly people.This feature of the islanders is known far beyond the borders of the state.They immediately agreed to accept the group of our expedition on one of the local plantations, where acerola is grown for the third generation in a row.Horticulture owner Filip gave us an emotionally charged tour, during which he shared everything he knows about the amazing plant and picking berries.Needless to say, it was Philip who was contracted to supplyorganic juice from the Barbados acerola cherry for the Turbo Berry cosmetics collection?