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Acai juice. Peru


Have you ever heard of Acai?As soon as it is not called: “fountain of youth”, “Amazonian pearl”, “source of life”, “superfood” ... Plantations of wild acai palm trees are located in the forests of Brazil and Peru along the banks of the great Amazon River.Small round berries of dark purple color grow on graceful palm trees in huge clusters-panicles.The tree produces 3-4 panicles, each of which collects from 3 to 6 kg of tender fruits twice a year.

In search of the best acai berries for the Turbo Berry cosmetics collection, we went to the heart of the jungle in the north-east of Peru.To do this, we had to canoe in the Amazon for half a day and walk through the rainforest for several hours.

Boom on acai berries

Scientists discovered the beneficial properties of acai relatively recently - in 2004.It happened quite by accident.When conducting regular research in the Amazon tropics, medical enthusiasts met a settlement of local natives.Scientists drew attention to an interesting phenomenon: the inhabitants of the tribe worked under the scorching sun with little or no clothing, but there were no burn marks on their skin.In addition, the Indians showed no signs of fatigue from hard work, remaining cheerful and energetic until the end of the day.Doctors analyzed the diet of the tribe's inhabitants and found that in addition to widespread foods, they ate acai berries, which grew in clusters on palm trees around the settlement.

The difficult process of extracting berries

After the sensational discovery, the acai palm began to be cultivated in many countries, and its fruits are actively promoted as "the No. 1 superfood in the world."This description of the "pearl of the Amazon" was first given by the famous American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey.

Let's analyze the composition of acai berries in more detail.A record number of antioxidants and amino acids, proteins and fats, vitamins C, K, A and E, almost all B vitamins. The latter are called “beauty vitamins” - a lack of these substances in the body leads to early skin aging, weakening of hair and nails.Acai and fatty acids are also present - Omega - 3-6-9, oleic, linoleic, stearic, palmitic and palmitoleic acids.

Acai juice is used in the basis of many anti-aging products.As part of cosmetics, it has a softening effect on the skin, nourishes and restores it, improves tone and elasticity, protects against premature aging and reduces the appearance of age spots.Reduces the level of microbes on the epidermal layer, improving skin immunity, so that the skin becomes smooth and clean, without rashes.

Acai berry picking

Acai berry harvest

From August to December, clusters of 700-900 cherry-sized fruits grow and ripen on the acai palm.Locals weave belts from the fibers of less tall palms and make loops for the feet out of them.The picker climbs the trunk like a rope: firmly pressing his feet to the trunk and holding on to it with his hands.That's how he gets to the top.Having cut down a bunch, the picker carefully, so as not to damage the fruits, descends with it and puts it on an awning.At this stage, women and children of the tribe are connected.Their task is to separate the fruits from the panicle on which the berries grow.

Since the shelf life of fresh berries is extremely short and is no more than a day, immediately after harvesting they are loaded onto boats and sent directly from the plantation to the processing site, where juice is squeezed out of the berries, dried or frozen.With the help of cylindrical machines, the pulp is separated from the stone and subjected to further processing.Acai fruit also produces valuable oil.

Expedition results

The indigenous people of the Amazon Delta, the Caboclo tribe, have adopted the Planeta Organica team in their village.The tribe is open to those wishing to plunge into the atmosphere of ancient superstitions and look at carefully preserved Indian songs and dances.

During the expedition, we were lucky not only to be present at the acai harvest, which happens twice a year, but also to visit a local factory where the berries are processed into juice.Before being sent for processing, acai fruits are checked in the factory's own laboratory.Factory employees gave us a taste of freshly squeezed acai juice.It tasted like something in between raspberries and blackberries.

Summarize.We personally saw the quality of raw materials and observed the production process - neat, clean and high-tech.The contract for the supply of organic acai juice for the Turbo Berry cosmetics collection was concluded right here in Peru.After everything we have seen, we guarantee with full confidence that the products meet all quality standards.