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ICEA, also known as the Institute of Ethic Certification, is the name given to a group of natural and organic cosmetic manufacturers in Italy, who have worked together to develop the country’s leading guidelines. The group, which includes the Italian Association of Organic Agriculture, is Italy’s largest certifier of organic cosmetics, biocosmetics and ecocosmetics.

In order to meet ICEA’s strict guidelines, brands must ensure:

  • No additives or genetic engineering is used in manufacturing.
  • Exhaust, waste, energy sources, transport and sanitation are regulated.
  • Ecological storage and production regulations are being followed.
  • Multiple yearly audits are conducted.

ICEA regulations state that genetically modified seeds, chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides are forbidden during production; and cultivation must be from controlled bio-farms, or harvested under bio-controlled conditions, using eco-friendly machinery.

Raw materials must be processed without the use of:

  • Chemical or synthetic preservatives.
  • Synthesised dyes, stabilisers or fragrances.
  • Harmful technologies, including atomic product tests, chemical preservation, products in vacuum packaging being gassed, products being processed with phenol, or radiation exposure.
  • Animal testing.
  • Animal-originated raw materials produced in a way that is harmful to animals, including animal collagen or elastin.
  • Storage packaging that contains PVC or halogen-containing polymers.